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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shining Bright

Shining Bright is my first quilt that I have yet to finish...
I started it four years ago!! At the moment I am hand quilting it, (1/4" seams) and am about half way. I had a bit of help from Mum and Liz when I was machining it together, but since then it has been all my own work.


  1. Such a prtty quilt Andrea. I love blue and yellow combo. Your Quilted Diamonds are wonderful too. They are hard to do so bravo!! I have enjoyed my visit and will sign up to follow once my internet/computer stops playing silly with me and lets me click on the follow button ;)
    Stay well, hugs Elly

  2. I love your Shining Bright quilt. It truly is shining bright like a moonlit sky. I've been following your and your mother's progress on the Inklingo group. You're both great quilters. Keep up the good work. And get rid of those terrible migraine headaches. They're no fun ;>}
    Peggy S from SW Florida, USA

  3. Andrea,

    I am thoroughly impressed by your work! Keep up the good work!!!