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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This took me about two whole hours to quilt, but I like the finished piece. 
This is my second piece of machine quilting, so my little stack of samples is

This is my very first piece of machine quilting.  Mum asked me read the Diane Gaudynski book before I started sewing. Im glad she did I learnt a lot from them!


  1. Nice work, Andrea! I so want to learn to do machine quilting. Loretta in SE AK

  2. thanks loretta! Have you really nerver machine quilted?! i love your blog by the way

  3. Hi Andrea, what great work you're doing! It's been fun seeing what you and your mum have designed with the POTC blocks too! (I'm in the Inklingo group.) It's good to see another generation learning fiber arts!!!!

    Jillian from North Dakota USA

  4. I am very impressed with your machine quilting, and also your hexagon blocks. They're lovely! I hope you'll keep working on them so we can see!

  5. Your machine quilting is excellent!!

  6. Your machine quilting is coming along VERY nicely. Most quilters start off with basic stippling and here you are already doing more complicated stitching. Fantastic!!!!

    I have a couple of Diane Gaudynski's books and I agree they are a valuable learning tool. remember Practice, practice and PRACTICE.