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Thursday, May 6, 2010

poems and stories

Okay, mum has told me to blog all of my poems so I'll probably put up one every week or so...
Here is one I wrote a few weeks ago...
(It hasn't got A title because I felt that it didn't really need one and when i tried to think of a title, I couldn't really find one that fitted... Any suggestions would be GREAT!!!!)

Words plaster the ceiling like fairy floss on a childs fingers,
Fate swirls around the room like seaweed in a current,
Hope hovers in front of the window like a wasp on a humid day,
And destiny swallows them all like a starving animal presented with love.

Imagination runs wilder than a brumby,
dreams fly higher than the clouds,
failures sink lower than the sea bed,
And nothing forces them to do this.

Shoot for the moon,
For even if you miss...

 You shall land amoung the stars.


  1. Andrea, your poem is lovely...I can "see" the words- life is fluid, as you describe-keep writing! Your machine quilting is also wonderful for such a young novice- your mom (and now you) encourage us all to jump in ;) Sandy

  2. I like the images in your poem very much, and I like how it flows. Keep up the good work! How's the quilting coming along?

  3. Wow...Andrea...I really like the way your images evoke emotions. Keep up your writing!!!

  4. love the imagery from your poems